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What do I get back from my Private Health Fund?

As mentioned before, they all differ. Some offer a great rebate, some not so much. Keep in mind that just because your private health fund may or may not rebate you that much for optical, they may rebate great for other services such as the dentist or physio etc. Look into it.

Depending on which private health fund you are with and what level of cover you are on will determine what you can claim back when purchasing your new spectacles. We can guarantee you one pair from a selected range to be fully covered with all private health funds that offer you Optical Cover, but may be able to cover you for 2 pairs depending on your personal rebate level from such funds.

SpecsPlus Health Funds

Please note that all private health funds only fully cover the most basic of multifocals designs meaning that although this lens does do the job it is meant to, the size of the distance, intermediate and reading area is limited.

Most multifocals now have increased fields of view making them a much more efficient and easier to use lens. Most multifocals wearers these days are in modern designs, which the funds do not cover. They will contribute towards a better design lens but there will be a gap to pay. We will explain this thoroughly in store with the aid of visuals.

For further information on what you are entitled to come in with your card for us to run through a quote. We will explain to you all of your options.