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Contact Lenses

New technology in contact lenses now means they are clearer, more comfortable and more convenient than ever. Contact Lenses are great for sport and social use when you don’t want to wear your spectacles.

Daily – As the name suggests, a lens that you wear for 1 day, usually up to 12 hour period. No cleaning required, use once then throw away. Your most comfortable and hygienic option.

Fortnightly / Monthly – Lenses that are worn as a more permanent option. Need to be removed every day to rest the eye and clean the lens, removing any bacteria build up from your daily environment.

Extended Wear – These lenses can be left in for up to a month. Still need to be replaced at the end of the month.

Colours – Want to change your eye colour or enhance your eyes natural colour. Can be produced in daily lenses and fortnightly lenses.

Make an appointment with our optometrist to discuss your options and suitability for wearing contact lenses.

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